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Our Story

Nuvie Consulting emerged from a profound passion for bolstering businesses and effecting positive change in organizations. At the heart of our mission is the empowerment of businesses and individuals through exceptional virtual assistance, the nurturing of creativity via educational initiatives, and the enhancement of event management processes.

The company began in 2008 as a business consulting organization providing free services to startup companies in the telecommunications and retail sectors. At this time, the goal was to support the administration and automation of business processes with the aim of easing employees' day-to-day work and improving efficiency across the organizations.

Over the years, Nuvie Consulting has evolved into a more experienced team of experts with diverse skill sets in project management, business administration, public relations, human resource management and leadership. 

This significant growth necessitated a new way of working for our clients, which involves a holistic approach to identifying our clients' needs and offering services tailored to suit their needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals through top-notch virtual assistance, building innovative technical solutions and  foster creativity through education.

Our Vision

To become leading global consultants that provide bespoke solutions to our clients.

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